1 Day Trip From Tokyo To Kamakura & Enoshima

Let’s travel to Japan in a new experiential way! Visit Enoshima Beach in Kamakura City, renowned for the best seafood. Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, it’s just 1-1.30 hours away from Tokyo. Travel comfortably on a private VIP vehicle from dawn to dusk or one-day trip from Tokyo.

The must-visit tourist attractions and restaurants in Kamakura city are as follows:

Kotoku-in Temple,the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

This temple has a large Buddha statue measuring 11.3 meters in height and weighing up to 121 tons. It’s a must-visit destination. Devotees should not missing the opportunity to make wishes and seek blessings from this sacred site. From personal experiences of bringing many companion to pray for blessings at this temple, their wishes have been fulfilled beyond expectations.

Strolling along Benten Nakamise Dori Street.

The pedestrian street leading to Enoshima Shrine is famous for the best street food, whether savoury or sweet. And the most iconic snack here is the giant shrimp senbei (rice cracker). Anyone who comes here and didn’t try it can hardly say they have truly visited.

Lunch with a menu of egg-topped rice with a scenic train view.

After quenching our thirst with some buttery milk confectionaries along Benten Nakamise Dori Street, it would be about noon. It’s perfect timing for lunch. If you’ve travelled with Drive You Japan, ordinary Japanese dining might seem too normal, doesn’t it?

Drive You Japan offers a hip and trendy midday meal in a Japanese teen-style café, featuring a menu focused on fish and egg dishes for health-conscious individuals. The meal comes in a set with grilled fish and raw eggs.

The gimmick of this restaurant is that we have to whisk the eggs until they become fluffy and white, similar to whipped cream, then pour them over Japanese rice. After that, enjoy them with hot grilled fish while watching the nostalgic ENODEN train passing by. It’s truly the epitome of relaxation.

Chilling by the seaside at Yuigahama Beach.

The charm of Kamakura lies in the fact that this city is a seaside town. If you come to visit during the summer, in this coastal area, there will be restaurants and bars built from DIY wooden structures set up on the sandy shores by the sea. In Japanese, they are called “UMINOIE”

Japanese teenagers often bring beach towels, each with their own, along with their swimsuits. They lay down, sunbathe, sip on chilled beers by the seaside, and for those who enjoy marine sport , surfing here is another must-do activity. This is because the winds and waves are quite strong.

Fresh seafood rice bowl at Enoshima Koya.

Before returning to Tokyo, stop by for dinner by the seaside with a fresh raw fish rice bowl, authentic Japanese style. Because the customers at this restaurant are 99.99% Japanese, you will rarely find foreigners or even Thai people coming to taste it. And of course, when you choose to travel with Drive You Japan, we never missed the opportunity to let everyone experience the authentic taste of Japanese food. 

For those who want to travel to Japan in a unique way, Drive You Japan is pleased to offer exclusive transportation with experienced drivers and guides for travel throughout Japan.